5 months rigorous training

4 eliminations to survive

3 rounds in the ring

2 minutes per round

1 million HKD fundraising target

For its 13th year, Hedge Fund Fight Nite 2019 will be held at the luxurious Conrad Hotel on the 28th November 7:30pm. The event is a sit down black tie dinner with tables surrounding the ring. Guests enjoy a four course dinner with matching wines, beer and soft drinks, 7 boxing bouts and a charity fundraising silent auction. As well as being a completely unique night out with a magnificent and electrifying crowd of supporters, it remains to be a premier networking event for the finance industry.

Once again, there will be a large fundraising element in which all the proceeds raised on the night will go to Operation Breakthrough and the Sovereign Art Foundation.


The experience was totally exhilarating and amazingly fun. It challenges you both physically (fitness and body conditioning) and mentally (how to take getting hit in the head in front of hundreds of people?!). The JAB gym and trainers are incredible in how they get you through this to learn how to box (with reasonable competency!) in just 4 or 5 months. Jordan is a wizard in having many different ways to educate you and get the technique through even the most mal-coordinately challenged head! The event night is so professionally executed that it makes you feel what it must be like to be Mayweather at the MGM Grand in Vegas. All my family and friends supporting me have had only positive things to say about attending the night.
— Mark "The Iron lady" Thatcher (Goldman Sachs)
The process over the last few months has been amazing. From not having ever boxed before to being here at the end is a testament to the capabilities of the JAB team. They must have realised the uphill battle ahead for me when they saw me at those first training sessions! It’s been an amazing journey and one that I won’t forget anytime soon.
— Greg “Stealth” Lee (Deutsche Bank)
Knowing it is a big fundraiser for charity clinched the deal and it was full on into training. I had grown tired of my previous workouts and this regime has taken my fitness to higher levels and taught me new exercises and drills that I will keep up long after the lights have gone down and the crowds gone home.
— Darryl “Body Blow” Ricklow (Louis Capital Markets Ltd)
Training has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. It has taught me so much about discipline, focus and determination. Boxing has shown me what ‘focus’ and ‘control’ really mean, it has helped me define ‘victory’ and ‘defeat’ so much more clearly, both inside the ring and outside.
— Devi “The Devastator” Kumar (Charterhouse Partnership)
I think one of the great things about this experience is seeing that even in what is ultimately an individual sport, there is a great team atmosphere and everyone is keen to help each other improve as much as possible along the way.
— Richie “Ricardo” Gifford (HSBC)
Four months of aches, pains and bruises later, I am walking away from this journey in the best shape of my life, having gotten to know some incredible people and in love with one of the most technical, challenging sports I’ve ever attempted. A million thanks to the trainers at JAB, the sparring partners, the event organisers and everyone else who has supported me along the way.
— Eleni “Hummingbird” Himaras (Bloomberg)






Operation Breakthrough

A Hong Kong organisation committed to the positive development of youth at risk. Operation Breakthrough provides sporting and related activities with off duty police officers to help youth at risk interact with positive role models in the community. These programs are voluntarily run by serving and retired police officers, assisted by social workers and aim at exercising positive influences on young people.

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The Sovereign Art Foundation

The Sovereign Art Foundation works to help disadvantaged children across Asia by using arts for rehabilitation, education and therapy. Typically, these children will be victims of sexual abuse, drugs or violence.