Boxer Recruitment - HFFN 2017

Boxer Recruitment - HFFN 2017

Hedge Fund Fight Nite steps into its 11th year in 2017. Over the years hundreds of boxers go through vigorous training in order enter the ring in the Grand Finale. The Grand Finale will be held in a luxurious hotel, where the boxers will surrounded by family and friends witnessing the moment boxers fight for meaningful charities. Let us take you through the transformation of a white collar to a boxer! 

Approximately 6 months before the Grand Finale the boxer registration is released to the public. White collar with no experience in boxing are eligible to apply for this challenge of their lifetime. Once the potential boxers submit their application, they are invited to the testing session. Their fitness level is put to the test at "The Studio JAB" where approximately 30 boxers are selected for training. With monthly eliminations after the initial testing session, boxer skills will continue to be assessed and evaluated over the course of 5 months. 

Each week there are 2 x hourly training sessions free of charge. The training sessions starts off with simple warm up - such as sit-ups, push-ups and skipping. It moves on to more complex footwork and boxing skills. The trainers will continue to provide professional feedback to maximise boxer skills in preparation for the grand finale. 

After 4 months of training and 3 rounds of eliminations the final 16 boxers are selected 1 month before the Grand Finale. There will be 8 bouts on the Grand Finale consisting of both men and women fights. Each fight has three bouts and each bout lasts for 2 minutes. Professional photography will be done for the final boxers. Furthermore, boxers will be interviewed about their journey from a white collar to a boxer. The short film will be released on the Grand Finale right before their fight. 


The Grand Finale is a black tie event held in a luxury 5-star hotel. Guests will indulge in a four course dinner with matching wine, beer and soft drinks, while boxers showcase the skills they have accumulated during the 5 months of training. Let us take you through the transformation of a white collar to a boxer! 

The 8 bouts on the Grand Finale consisting of both men and women fights. While the boxers are fighting, their supporters usually gather around the ring to cheer them on close up. It is not unusual to see supporters screaming, filming and waving posters during the fight.  

There is also a serious side to the event. Guests are encouraged to participate in the silent auction, auction and raffle in support to the Sovereign Arts Foundation. Over the years more than 1 million dollars are raised for the charities. 

After the match, medals will be presented to boxers. Then boxers will join their guests to watch the other matches. As the night concludes boxers will take group photos with each other and the guests to mark an end to their incredible achievement over the past 5 months.  

The 2017 Hedge Fund Fight Nite application is now open - training starting soon! 
now for this unmissable lifetime challenge: